Public Speaking

I hope you are excited about PUBLIC SPEAKING. Remember, most speakers approach their chore with varying degrees of nervousness, fear and dread. I trust that after you complete the steps to giving powerful speeches you will not be one of these.

In today’s fast paced, complex world do you sometimes feel that you are losing control – of your career, your surroundings or your relationships with people..?

Dr. Robinson’s cure: a speech a day!!  All the world is a stage and your are on it. All eyes are trained on you. All ears are receptive to your words. The art of speech making is surely changing, but it has hardly died. What a fantastic opportunity, an exhilarating high – if you take advantage of it.

While delivering a speech, What is your goal..?? Your goal is to impress audience…..Isn’t it ?? Here you have started wrong. Impression can never be the goal of any communication. It has to be CONNECTION..!!. To do that you must compose a good message. If you want to be judged solely on content, why not just submit a written essay and cancel the speech….??

What you say is important, of course, but so are a few other factors, like how you sound, how you deliver, how you look, whether you are under prepared or over nerved; whether you are funny and eloquent, relaxed and in command; and how you react to the unexpected.

Ignore some or all of these factors and you could be delivering the Gettysberg address and still fall flat on your face. Acknowledge these variables as there are so many variables which need to be taken care of in any speech or presentation. The best speech is Conversation and Connection with a strategy – because audience want to feel that you are accessible to them.

I don’t say I have the best formula for public speaking, there are many others in the market.  My programme teaches not only speaking but also professes leadership. When it comes down to it, LEADERSHIP is the real topic of every speech. Yes……this programme works…..for sure. I would like to share it with you…………………………and….Don’t worry, we will have FUN along the way..!!