5 Really Unhelpful Things We Believe About Presentations


5 Really Unhelpful Things We Believe About Presentations

We put a lot of pressure on ourselves around delivering presentations and public speaking. The more pressure we put on ourselves, the more uncomfortable we feel. In my public speaking workshops I regularly come across five really common beliefs about presentations that really don’t help.
1. I’ve got to know everything about a subject before I can present
2. I’ve got to tell everything I know about presentation in order to give my audience value
3. If I pause, they will think that I’ve dried up and/or about to collapse
4. I can’t make a mistake
5. I won’t be able to answer people’s questions

The rethinks we need
1. If you had to know everything then every presentation would take 17 years to prepare (just a guess – not scientifically proven). That’s plainly ridiculous! And to be honest there is far too much information in the world anyway.

So what do you do?
Well, I’d love you to see presentations as your contribution to the subject. This is your particular take, your own angle rather than the whole encyclopaedic explanation.
Your job is to digest the information in a way that the audience gets it rather than overwhelming your audience.
You might have a massive report to present on. You could frame it it like this: “ It’s really important for us to concentrate on, is this bit of the report, it will have profound impact on our department…
Or maybe you could see your presentation as starting the debate rather than being the complete answer. So you could do a quick presentation and then start a group discussion! So less material to handle, less to remember and better for your audience.

I’m running a presentation course in November for two days. It’s all about re-thinking presenting and numbers are limited to 8 people. So it’s very much focussed on what you want to change in your presentations. 

Do come back to me if you have any questions about courses or my work, just mail me or ring me on +91 98051 20987 or mail ralhanplp@gmail.com

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