If you want to improve your public speaking


If you want to improve your public speaking, and transform nervousness into confidence, it boils down to this:

  1. Get lots of relevant speaking experience
  2. And expert guidance

The problem is that attaining those two things is not necessarily easy – or fast.

Training days here and there are great, of course.

But if you wait too long to get back up on stage and USE what you’ve learned, you won’t get the full benefit.

And speaking opportunities may not come around that often – especially if you aren’t the best speakerNot so if you join me for our next 2 days LEVITATE – Unbox your Speaking Talent programme at Chandigarh. It is conducted either on second or fourth Saturday & Sunday of every month.

This is the ideal course for you if you want to make RAPID progress with your public speaking.

This is intensive small group training with me and a small number of other speakers, and you WILL become a far better speaker, fast.

I usually find a great camaraderie is generated between speakers over 2 days…

…and the intensive nature of it, with continual speaking and feedback opportunities, in a friendly, constructive, professional atmosphere, means you will really have developed by the end.

I’d love to welcome you to the next one.

I’m absolutely certain you won’t be the same speaker by the end of it, as you were at the start.

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